Thursday, July 19, 2012

Without Going to Pieces

My roommate randomly showed this article to me. I liked the message that it shared... so I'm sharing it with you! It comes from an Ensign article entitled "Breaking Up without Going to Pieces: When Dating Doesn't End in Marriage" M. GAWAIN WELLS. I thought it was an interesting topic to address and when pondering about why all this is necessary in life, I found gospel principles at the root.

He begins-

"The Lord has given us some important guidelines for relationships—and they apply to all relationships, including dating. We’re counseled to treat all people charitably and kindly, to forgive, and to love not only God and others but also ourselves."

I just had to think, "Wow!". Of course it makes sense. Just because a relationship doesn't work out, even when it is hurtful, all are children of God and we have to keep the commandments. He goes on-

"While you may learn valuable lessons from failed relationships, it’s not necessary to impute further meaning to the break-up. That is, I don’t believe the Lord intends you to be hurt again and again for the sake of “learning experiences.” I believe that He wants you to know the joy that comes from understanding, trusting, and loving someone in an honest, giving relationship. Hopefully, you can learn what is valuable from the experience without punishing yourself or seeing the experience as punishment."

That may be hard to see sometimes but I believe that it's true. I think that it's hard to not beat yourself up. Asking yourself why you weren't good enough or what you did wrong... but it's all part of the process. Would you actually WANT to be married to a person who didn't care all that much? Of course not. But it doesn't make it that much easier. What makes it so great is finding your best friend and being able to talk forever about nothing and everything. It's about having those good experiences too.

I loved his perspective on the whole subject and the reminder that the gospel applies to everything- and that includes dating.

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  1. This is amazing and so good to hear thank you so much for all your post they are great.