Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My New Friend

I made a new friend at work. It always amazes me at how the more we get to know people, the more we can understand and love them. I asked this wonderful woman how she met her husband and was favored with this reply.

She met her husband at church but he was going away to school so he encouraged her to apply for her visa. She had already tried many times but went at his insisting and heard the words, "Welcome the the United States of America!". She was thrilled.

She told me about how in her culture, people just hug and go out just to be friendly. They aren't necessarily romantically interested, just nice and friendly.

One day, however, someone came by and gave her a big hug and then they went out to dinner... and the boy who had wanted her to come saw it. He got a little stirred up about it and maybe a little jealous. It must have made him realize what he wanted so he then asked her to marry him. To which she said yes.

She laughed about how she really had no interest in the other boy. She wasn't worried about it.

I reflected on this and realized that sometimes we don't really appreciate what we've got or have in our grasp until that very thing almost gets taken away. 

That guys was lucky and I sure hope I don't let something good get away from me before I realize just how good it is!

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