Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ranch Dressing

My sister and I got to help out at a ranch this week doing the food for a bunch boys around 12-15 years old.   Sorry nothing really about salad or food, but I definitely felt my life 'spice up' a little these past few days. I feel like a good salad dressing can make a big difference to an otherwise boring pile of lettuce.

So what exactly happened to put a kick into my otherwise monotonous life? Well, while we had the opportunity to go on horseback rides and explore a little bit, it was nice to get away for a little bit. We got to hang around a great group of boys up in the mountains and hear about how they chopped wood and helped out a lady or went to go buy food. However, I must say that it wasn't the only thing I enjoyed... I loved the comments those boys made.

Number 1
A returned missionary from Brasil was going to tell the boys a bed-time story. Our room was off to the side and we could hear through the door. Before the story got started, the boys chatted and one randomly called out, "So do you call your self half Mexican because you served in Brazil?". Another boy shortly answered the question by saying, "Uh... no, it would be half Spanish!". We had a good laugh over that one.

Number 2
Yet again, as the boys were settling down the counselor gave the boys 30 seconds to be quiet. One started counting down from 30 in a loud voice... somehow when he got to 20 he stopped and said, "uhhh...". Someone else picked up for him when he couldn't remember what came after.

I had a few good laughs at the things they said and I must say that I was really impressed by those boys. They were there to learn more about service and living in the outdoors. We were always thanked for our work and we never had to do the dishes! Thanks to a couple of wonderful counselors too!

I'm so glad places like that exist. A place where you can feel free and get away. Even though I didn't participate fully in all the activities, I feel like I was a part of it and I definitely got to see how good people that do simple things can make a big difference. A little 'dressing' can go a long ways... especially if it's Ranch.

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