Friday, December 21, 2012

Remember the Good Times

I found a journal I kept of my freshman year at college. I had a list of "things that made me smile today..." Life is funny. Here are a few of those moments.

  • We found out that the disposal we thought we were using was actually the fan and the disposal is under the sink. 
  • It's fall and I saw a leaf fall from a tree
  • In my Book of Mormon class we were having a discussion. Someone said something and my teacher said, "Good! Ten points for Slytherin!"
  • I saw a lot of leaves fall from a tree!
  • I can check out 50 books at the BYU library! :) 
  • My sister told the check out lady at the grocery store, "Don't squish my cans!"
  • My friend from work, "Boys, you can't live with them.... and apparently you can't receive salvation without them." 
  • As I was pushing a cart at work, all of the sudden a container few off. The container did a flip and I totally caught it full of cottage cheese after it flipped without a morsel spilt.
  • This morning a bird flew into the glass door in the front of my dorm. As I stood in shock, I saw a feather drift to the ground.
  • A friend gave me a gift on my birthday with a note. She asked me if I had read it and I so I opened it up and found a recipe for a tuna casserole. Ha ha!
  • That same friend also thought buffalo were extinct... heehee
I laughed at these small but funny moments and recognized I haven't been doing this lately. Isn't life better when we can see the good?

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