Friday, January 4, 2013

Dear Self...

Have you ever pondered on some of the things that were a big deal to you when you were younger? It's amazing how somethings just don't matter anymore. On the other hand, other things may have made you into who you are today. Life is so interesting in retrospect. If you got the chance, what would you tell your younger self?

I would say...

Don't hold onto grudges. Life moves on and you'll soon forget about it.
Make as many friends as you can.
Stop worrying about what everyone thinks about you. Worry about what you think about yourself and what Heavenly Father thinks.
It's okay to be innocent.
Play more.
Take advantage of every opportunity.
Keep moving forward.
Life is hard.
There are still good things to come.
You'll never regret doing good deeds.
Don't do stupid things.
You still won't like country music.
Your heart will get broken.
You decide who you want to be.
A good book can still be your friend but real ones are a lot better.
Develop your talents and gain new ones.
Spur of the moment dance parties are fun.
There are so many good memories yet to be made.
Some of your greatest friends will be made in unexpected places.
You are never alone.

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