Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sunsets, Stare Downs and Make-up

You may be wondering how all the items above fit together. They don't.

You hear the phrase, "and they rode off into the sunset" like it was supposed to be romantical and dreamy. I drove to the store the other day- right into the sunset and the only thing it was... was blinding. Running away with someone into the sunset would cause more problems than take away. No one would be able to see anything! However, the phrase "riding away with their backs to the sunset" doesn't quite sound literarily beautiful. Maybe "the sun arose lighting the path before them". That one works, right?

Besides finding phrases unromantic, I've been having a hard time this past week with the whole look down or make eye contact at an awkward distance. Normally I don't have a problem with this but I've noticed that people won't look at me for anything. What is up with people? Is it really so bad to look someone in the eye and say hello? I rarely come across someone who will look me in the eyes and say a passing hello.

I understand though, especially deciding if you will say something, when to do it. It's awkward approaching someone in passing. Sometimes even I go to the other side of the street in an attempt to avoid the situation. Do you look away until you are within a few feet? Or wait til they already passed? How about when you awkwardly make eye contact from a distance but it's too far away to say anything. Then you have to look away and then say something when you get close enough. Social dilemmas.

Knowing when and why to do things causes stress. Sometimes it's just nice to not have to worry. That's why I've come to love bedtime. I rub off my make-up and see just myself. Of all parts of the day, it's the time when I like myself the best. I see just myself staring back at me. No masks and problems about sunsets or stare downs. I'm me and that's enough for the moment.

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