Thursday, June 7, 2012


Life is always changing. We are always changing. 

So what changed for me since I've been home?

Everything. But I'll just give the top 10.

10- Speaking in English. I had to say the prayer my first night back... in English. That probably the hardest thing I have ever done!

09- Using modern marvels. I woke up one morning to use the bathroom. I entered and glanced at the trashcan and thought, "why in the world is it so far away from the toilet?"... Yeah, you can flush the toilet paper here.

08- Not visiting people every day. Even when people were busy or didn't want to listen at least we got to talk a little bit.

07- Feeling guilt for even thinking about not exercising. I don't feel that now. Maybe I'm just lazy. I know we have to take care of our bodies and it's really important but now I can say tomorrow and feel okay about it.

06- Eating lunch with the members. Maybe some people wouldn't agree but not having to worry about who's going to make the food is a huge blessing. I loved it!

05- Getting letters! There is just something special about ripping open an envelope and reading handwritten words. It's amazing.

04- Having a set schedule and goals and plans for every day and every hour. I sure did get a lot done! Which reminds me I need to get a planner...

03- The funny things people would say like, "my dog can smell evil" or "I'm gonna call the PO-lice on ya'll!"

02- Knowing that I was helping someone feel God's love. I loved it when people would say, "I just feel better now" or "You bring a peace with you".

And last but not least...

01- My name tag. It was special time to be able to declare with boldness that I was a representative of Jesus Christ.

I know that life goes on in it's natural course. We should always be changing to have more confidence, more faith and definitely to be more Christlike. We learn and we grow and we continue. And that's something that I'll always be grateful for- the chance to have these experiences. Aren't we blessed?

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  1. Ahhh I found this and I got to say. I love number 3 I wonder where you got that from? Hope things get a bit easier for ya.