Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Visa has arrived!

Kyrie: "As of 9:17 pm on Friday night, I have been aware that I will no longer be graced with "ya'll", "sweetie", or church in English for the next year. I'M GOING TO BRAZIL!!! Biggest shock of my life. Sister Wegener has a little joke about always telling me president called. She usually would do it in the morning and I would laugh and shake my head because I knew it wasn't true. So when we got a call from president so late at night, it just seemed like any other phone call we get. He asked us how we were doing and then asked us if he could do anything for us. It was only after this that he had Sister Wegener put him on speaker phone. He then very mildly asked if we would mind being companions in a small area (I'm thinking we are going to open a new place)... for 9 hours together (I'm thinking, well that is strange)... on a plane to Brazil ...on Wednesday (...speechless...Yeah!). He told us our visas are in Salt Lake so nothing is for sure about Wednesday until they are in his hands. We still don't know what time we are leaving. I feel like I'm in limbo right now.

We are trying to say good-bye, while still being missionaries, but then we have to pack... It's kind of stressful. I'm happy, excited, nervous, sad, ecstatic, and every other emotion you can possible feel. We were telling the other sisters about the people we were working with and I got the biggest wave of emotion wash over me. I love the people here. I've loved getting to know them and pray over them and cry over them and worry over them. However, our time is up here. It's been wonderful. It gives me a little taste of what it's going to be like at the end of my mission. I'll be surprised that it's time to go because I won't be expecting it to be over. I'll hope that I did everything that I could while I was there. I'll miss the people I'll have come to know. Just goes to show you that you've got to love every minute of where you're at because pretty soon you'll be looking back and wishing you were there again. I'm excited to move on... It just came as a complete surprise. I better get my Portuguese going!

We went and got a blessing from a member in our ward yesterday. Don't worry Mom. I was blessed with protection.

I guess that's all that's really been on my mind the last few days. We went tracking one day and decided that we wanted to walk down the road a little further. We felt like we were in the middle of no where! It was so funny. We met some nice people, got to know some mosquitoes real well, and decided that this was something that would totally happen to us and we sat on some porch chairs on a wrap around porch with a man talking about the gospel. It's great."

She leaves tomorrow morning on a flight to Florida than off to Brazil:) We got to talk to her for only about 10 minutes but it was soooo good to hear her voice, she sounded great and happy:) She is going to call again tomorrow morning! You can still email her at kdangerfield@myldsmail.net she would be happy to hear from any of you. Also, once we find out her address I will post it:)

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