Monday, August 30, 2010

The Little Things

I like to keep track of the things that make me smile. For example...

  • The little kid at the park, while throwing his fist in the air, "Puppy Power!".
  • Realizing I had been at school all day with my shirt on inside out.
  • My little sister questioning me, "You're speaking... pork and cheese?". Hahaha Portuguese!
  • Rolling down my window to yell at a friend on the street. Only to realize I didn't roll it all the way up after I had gone to wash my car...
  • Substituting a 2nd Grade class and after I told them my name hearing exclamations like, "She must live in a field and be dangerous" or "Are you danger?".
  • Failing at flying a kite :)
  • Reading my 17 year old sister a good night story.
Hmm... how can life not be good?

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