Thursday, August 12, 2010

Eu vou para o Brasil!

The day finally came when all my wondering and guess work finally came to an end. After random dreams and sidetrack thoughts, I now know where the Lord wants me to serve His children. Through the years, I had dreams about Hawaii and about speaking Italian. I was preparing myself for the States and hoping a little for Europe. I knew I wouldn't care where I went, but I was not prepared for what I was about to get...

... and that was the Brazil Porto Alegre North Mission.

Never in my wildest dreams did I EVER think I was going to South America. When I got back to Provo after opening my call, I was still in shock. Still am a bit to be truthful. I went for a walk and grabbed my Book of Mormon. I asked Heavenly Father, "Why Brazil?". I was so confused. It didn't seem to fit at all.

I felt like I could have accomplished great good in the States. I felt comfortable with the language and like I was able to express myself. I felt like I could serve well in Europe or in some German speaking place because I knew a little of the language. I thought I was more prepared to serve in some other capacity.

As I contemplated the reason I was needed in Brazil, the realization came that I kept saying "I". I could do this. I could do that. I wanted something that I could do by myself.

I felt humbled as I realized that I'm going to need a lot of help. I can give my all but that still won't be enough. I feel completely inadequate; however, I think that sometimes that's a good thing to think.

This isn't about me. I had my Bishop tell me that going on a mission is all about how we have an older brother and others need to know about Him. Those words are so true. I might be changed in the process but it will all be because of what I'm doing and how I'm doing it. Proclaiming His name and teaching by the Spirit.

I bet there are a million different reasons I'm going to Brazil, that was just one. I needed to realize from the start that I will need a lot of help. I do need help. We all do and sometimes it takes facing a seemingly impossible challenge to see that.


  1. I love you Kyrie Ann Dangerfield!! You are the greatest person I know and the people of Brazil are going to be more than blessed with such a humble servant of the Lord serving them. You are amazing and I secretly wish you would just not go because of how much I am going to miss you...but I try not to be so selfish. :) LOVE YOU!!

  2. AHH Kyrs! You're going to be amazing!!