Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Seeing a Different Road

-Robert Frost

I sang this song in high school and thinking about what I thought it meant then, is completely different now. Not the main message changes but that life has changed me and how I view it.

Random Ramblings... you can skip it if you want...

I remember imagining myself looking down that other road and knowing it was better, but only seeing a lonely journey. Almost like I had been shoved onto it. Not that it wasn't a good road but it was definitely less taken.

Now I read this poem and I see something quite different. I see that we come upon many choices in life and must choose or our journey comes to a standstill. Sometimes we think we can go back but that's hard to do. It makes all the difference to choose now and choose what will make us happy. It is only when we make decisions based on what we want and especially what God wants for us, can we look back and see that the road less taken really has made all the difference.

... The main point is...

As life goes on, hopefully we gain some wisdom and perspective as we change, learn and grow from experiences.


  1. I LOVE Frostiana!!!! That was just the greatest...and always reminds me of My Old Hen. :) Is a good ol hen. I love you Kyrie Dangerfield!

  2. Yes, I AM a good old hen, huh? haha! Great memories!! Wasn't our version of this song different?