Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Ramblings of an MTC Teacher

Almost 3 years ago, I got the phone call I had wanted since November 2010.

"You're hired," they said. I was changing my black name tag for a white one. I was hired as a MTC teacher.

I don't think I can ever fully express the gratitude and overwhelming love I felt at that job. I made life-long friends with fellow coworkers and interacted with some of the most amazing missionaries this earth has ever seen. Each and every one of these people changed my life in some way or another.

I was able to teach with my own MTC teacher, meet my husband, and deepen my testimony of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. This job saved my life. Some times I would be so discouraged about life and I would come into work to be taught by the missionaries about prayer and scripture study and it would renew my resolve to keep enduring.

I miss singing every day in Portuguese. I miss the callouses on my knees from constantly kneeling on that rough carpet. I miss the Spirit guiding me and he would help me share a scripture or ask an inspired question. I miss the insights I received as I heard the testimonies of the missionaries every single day. I miss it. I miss how it helped me see how simple the gospel was.

In an effort to remember and maintain those feelings. I want to review over the next few weeks some of the lessons I learned there as to not forget the incredible experience I had.

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