Monday, June 30, 2014


I went to the temple the other day to walk around and talk. As I was talking to my friend, she stopped suddenly and asked me if I had been crying earlier. I felt a little shocked that she had known and it must have shown on my face because she then told me how I had a barely visible tear streak on my cheek. 

That's going to change how I make sure no one knows what I've been up to! But then again, I wonder why we want to hide that we hurt. Aren't we supposed to "mourn with those that mourn"? That's a little hard to do if no one shares how they really feel. 

It's a part of life to feel. The sons of Mosiah had "many afflictions" and did "suffer much both in body and in mind... And also much labor in the spirit". They also felt joy and comfort and I'm sure sharing with their brethren helped ease the burden. 

I don't like to think I'm a bother to people and make them worry but I think they need to help me just as much as I need their help and consoling words. 

While the tears I shed were because of sad mormon messages, this experience has made me reflect on the purpose of being where I am right now and on what life is all about. There are those I can help and others who can help me. I'm here at this place with certain people for a reason. How can I complain about having a mission to accomplish before I get a new assignment?  

The game plan for our lives is a lot more than what we can see. Maybe we can't see right now but eventually there may be some insight. Until then let's see what we can do right here and now. 

There is work to do.