Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I've had my lava lamp for at least 10 years. Instead of the usual blobs, it has sparkles that float in it. When you first turn it on all the sparkles rise to the top in a thin, snakelike line. As they reach the top there is a brief moment when all the sparkles hang suspended. In that small moment the best part of the lava lamp shines in all it's brilliance before the sparkles disperse throughout the whole.

My friend Lisa has encouraged me to keep a blessings journal and when I started college I kept track of the little things that make me smile everyday. I find that noticing all the good things in life and especially the tender mercies from the Lord lets us see for a brief moment the sparkling mass before it dissipates into every minute, every hour, and every day of life. Sometimes the good moments are like a little piece of glitter, only a small shimmer of hope. It is my hope that when we truly take time to notice how good life is, we can see the scattered sunshine in every aspect of our lives.

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