Friday, May 21, 2010

Bad Taste

Life never turns out the way we expect it to. Even when we do the same things every day of our lives, something will always up and hit you in the face.

For example, I have brushed my teeth every day before I've gone to work or school for as long as I can remember. Lately, my morning routine has gone something like this: roll out of bed, quick bite to eat, brush teeth, splash water on face, get dressed, go. My early hours cause me to spend as little time as I can getting ready and using virtually no light because it hurts my eyes.

One fine morning I wasn't feeling well, so I had a glass of orange juice to start my day out. As I've come to find in my years, orange juice and toothpaste never taste good together. I didn't think twice when brushing my teeth that morning and ran out the door for work. As I sat at a stoplight, I noticed an awful taste in my mouth. As I thought back over the last 5 minutes I realized that I popped the lid off my "toothpaste" that morning... my toothpaste twists to open. I quickly opened the door and spit my facewash "toothpaste" into the street! It got even better too, I had to keep spitting bubbles out all morning long.

Now can you blame me? Who doesn't think that the taste in their mouth is awful when brushing their teeth after having orange juice?

Whenever I get down and don't feel cheerful I'll remember that morning when I literally was a BUBBLY PERSON!



  1. Oh Kyrie!! I'm sorry that is so awful...and typical of working early at the MTC!! ;)

  2. hahahahaha Kyrs, that just made me laugh for like 15 minutes. Not kidding. haha I love you.