Friday, November 12, 2010

Life Insurance

It was brought to my attention last Sunday that I made an interesting metaphor about the gospel without realizing it. Here's what went down.

I was sharing my testimony and talking about how my friend's husband went door to door selling life insurance. In our conversation, she said that and I commented, "Oh, I could never do that!" She looked at me funny for a second and it was then that I realized that as a missionary, I was going to go door to door! We laughed about that for a moment and then I really started to think about it. The only way you could get me knocking on any person's door would be if I had 100% confidence in my product, I knew it worked, and I knew it could help them too.

I shared this and people laughed when I mentioned the knocking on doors part. It made me feel really good because I can never make good jokes in church! Afterward, I had friends and neighbors tell me they enjoyed my testimony. However, it wasn't until the end of the meetings that I understand why. Someone mentioned that they liked the way I had called the Gospel life insurance (and may I add Eternal Life Insurance).

I was struck dumb for a moment. It was NOT my intention to make this correlation BUT it made perfect sense. I'm going to go sell people life insurance. The thing is, it'll only work if they use it properly. Wow... I sounded kind of smart without realizing it!

Sometimes I think we learn more by sharing what we know and then examining what we said. I know it worked that way for me!


  1. You are the best person I know. I only cried once on the way home. I love you SO much!

  2. AHHH you're going to be an amazing missionary! I can't wait! I'm so sad I missed your talk today, I'm sure it was amazing! you're incredible! Love ya!