Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I love it when the General Authorities give us keys. It's in that precise moment that that I want to shout out, "Right on!" I think they are little treasures (the keys that is). Think of what a key is. A key guards, gives safety, opens the way, and gives the bearer the option to open or close. That's power! Now here are what these keys meant to me. They could mean something completely different to you.

In April, President Monson gave us this key, "Prayer is the key that opens the day and guards the night." I know from personal experience that forgetting to open the day seems like I'm trying to see every detail in a forest with a night light! Sometimes you trip over a branch you didn't see or get whacked by an unseen palm leave. I know for sure that when I close the day properly, my mind is at peace and I worry so much about things that go bump in the night.

The rest come from this October's Conference

President Packer recently gave us this one, "Life-giving power is the very key to the Plan." Think about that for a second! If we abuse that key, it can become twisted and unusable. Our way along the Plan of Salvation gets barred because we chose to do that. Thank goodness that we are able to receive a shiny new one if we walk along the road of repentance.

President Uchtdorf said that they fundamentals are the keys to open heaven. I imagine that this is a huge key ring belonging to a large door. Each fundamental will open a part of the door until the whole thing is flung open. I imagine it will take some time but if we're working on it, it will open.

President Monson said that to give thanks unlocks the doors of heaven. He also said that, "to live with gratitude in our hearts is to touch heaven."

Elder Ballard stated, "fervent prayer is key in overcoming."

It occurred to me that while keys are important, there are many things involved to get it into the lock. It takes effort to get to the lock. Silly as it sounds, you must actually lift your hand and put it in. For what good is a key if it sits in a lock without being turned? While fervent prayer is key to overcoming, we must also fill our lives with good. Not just fervently pray then get up and go our merry way. We must actively keep those keys shiny and in working condition.

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